Trilateral German-Russian-Ukrainian Forum


«Real generosity towards the future lies in giving all to the present.»

Albert Camus

Our present is currently shaped by political, economic and social tensions between Germany, Russia and Ukraine. This increases the need for young people from our three countries to endeavor to overcome growing mutual misunderstanding. Despite the latest difficulties in intergovernmental relations, we believe in the possibility to encourage a positive development of the relationship between our countries through civil society contact and the promotion of dialogue and compromise.

This project was developed by young people during the beginning of the Maidan revolution in 2013 and is aimed at supporting the development of benevolent space of dialogue, mutual respect, and exchange of experience as well as to face common challenges on the civil society level. Young specialists and students involved in the civil society of their home country are invited to take part in the Trilateral Youth Forum and contribute to a common future of our three countries by holding honest and respectful discussions and developing and implementing common projects.


Main topics:

  • role of youth in the civil society of Germany, Russia and Ukraine
  • economic relations and business security and conflict resolution
  • understanding common culture and common space
  • role and state of mass media in shaping public consciousness
  • oral history and the construction of collective memory


  • Series of interrelated conferences devoted to the development of trilateral relations taking place alternately in Germany, Russia and Ukraine
  • 30 participants at each Forum: 10 active and motivated young people from the age of 18 to 26 years old from each of the three countries, who are interested in strengthening trilateral relations. Young specialists in the field of media, economics, education, security and civil society, young community leaders
  • Working language – English. Knowledge of German, Russian and Ukrainian is welcomed
  • 5 program days, program components:


Trilateral Youth Forum in Kyiv 2016

Trilateral Youth Forum in Moscow 2015